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​Chiropractic is a total and preventive approach to health, focusing on wellness rather than disease. Chiropractors use a natural, drugless, non-surgical approach to health care. We consider all aspects of the patient's life: family history, work, lifestyle, environment, diet, exercise and the patient's physical and emotional stress factors. We place special emphasis on the care of the spine.

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Dr. David Warren founded The Wellness Center of Boca Raton in 1999


A graduate of Life University, Dr. Warren believes education is a strong component of each and every patient relationship. There are five phases of health, and all must be addressed when helping patients reach optimum health: Proper rest, proper exercise, proper nutrition, positive mental attitude, and of course chiropractic adjustments. Dr. David Warren takes a passionate approach to healthcare. From infants to elderly, from weekend warriors to professional athletes, from feeling good to looking good, your health is a priority at The Wellness Center of Boca Raton.

Own natural healing power

Whether you’re suffering from auto accident injuries, sports injuries, migraine headaches, TMJ disorders, sciatic pain, neck pain, back pain, numbness or tingling in your hands or feet, or occupational injuries, chiropractic care can provide 

relief from pain not available from conventional medicine. Chiropractic treatment is non-invasive, uses no drugs, and takes advantage of the body’s own natural healing power.

Successful Experience With:


custombulletCarpal Tunnel 

custombulletDisc Problems


custombulletJoint Dysfunction

custombulletJoint Injuries

custombulletLower Back Pain


custombulletMuscle Spasm         

custombulletNeck Pain

custombulletNeurological Conditions




custombulletPinched Nerves

custombulletPlantar Fasciitis




custombulletShoulder Injuries

custombulletSleep Disorders



custombulletWeight Loss


From feeling good to looking good!

Dr. Dave Warren

  Dr. Dave Warren , Chiropractor The benefits of chiropractic go beyond back pain into the realm of total health and well being. Not only does chiropractic help with various injuries and ailments; it also helps prevent them.

The primary means of chiropractic care is the spinal adjustment a short and painless thrust against the spine using only the doctor’s hands. Spinal adjustments correct vertebral subluxations, which are changes in the position of the spine that do not allow the spine to function properly. When the spine is subluxated, the nerves in that area may behave abnormally and cause pain or other problems. The intent of a spinal adjustment is to restore normal motion, function and nerve impulse flow.


   Chiropractic Care

   Sports Injuries

   Cold Laser Treatments


   Auto Accidents

   Weight Loss


   Weight Loss Coffee

   Massage Therapists

   Nutritional Counseling





Letter To The Perfect Patient

Time goes by so quickly. I was 25 years old yesterday and today I am 44. Mentally, I am still 25. But my body is 44, every bit of 44! Point being, we can’t always do the things we did when we were younger. Every day I see patients that try and do too much and end up hurting themselves when they don’t have to.  

The best thing I can do for patients is to educate them. Teach them how to take responsibility and better care of themselves. How to lift smarter, stretch better, and maintain a healthier lifestyle. For better or worse, age is just a number and The Wellness Center of Boca Raton will help you from feeling good to looking good.

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